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Fast Delivery | Great Prices | Quality Guaranteed

Build a Fence with Concrete Posts

With their stunning aesthetic and ability to stay strong during high winds, a sturdy fence with concrete posts ensures, when installed correctly, a wonderful way to border your property or garden. A great alternative to using regular wooden fence posts, building a fence with concrete posts is becoming increasingly popular and here at Berkshire Fencing, we have plenty of experience helping customers to do exactly that. With our knowledge and expertise in fencing supplies and installation, we are always happy to assist customers when thinking of using any of our products, especially if you’ve never considered building a fence with concrete posts before.

Here, we’ll explain some of the key benefits of building your fence in this way and how it can be achieved without costing a fortune to do so.

Why Use Concrete Posts?

Quite simply, concrete is a much stronger material than wood, meaning any choice of concrete posts provides a solid foundation for your fence. When installed correctly, concrete fence posts should be able to withstand most forces it will come up against from high winds to stray footballs and much more, providing the required structure for a long-lasting fence with concrete posts. As well as being stronger, concrete posts aren’t susceptible to years of wear and tear that wooden posts can experience and do not require treating to keep them maintained. If they get dirty or watermarked, they are easy to clean due to their low maintenance. Their durability of concrete makes it ideal as a material for fence posts. We have a variety of concrete posts you can use with fence panels including our Close Board Panels:

Concrete Slotted Posts – with corresponding Corner Slotted Posts where needed, we have a selection of Intermediate Slotted Posts that will allow you to install your fence panels by slotting easily from above.

Concrete Morticed Posts – these concrete posts have mortices in the sides to allow for the attachment of wooden fence panels to join them together using timber arris rails. We have both Intermediate Morticed Posts and Corner Morticed Posts if you require. We also have a variety of Scarf Ended Arris Rails and Square Ended Arris Rails to be able to fully install easily.

The Benefits of Having a Fence with Concrete Posts

Building a fence that can stay standing no matter the weather with little maintenance required is a definite positive to building a fence with concrete posts. Although concrete posts are generally more expensive then wooden posts, they can be seen as an investment into your garden as the spend to maintain them over the years is minimal. A concrete fence post typically will stay standing if it is installed at the correct depth in the ground, on average 600mm, but this will depend on the height of your fence posts. Too high and it will be less secure, so getting the right depth is vital and will ensure when installing Concrete Gravel Boards at the base of your Fence Panels that these are secure too.

Along with the installation of the concrete fence posts, putting in the fence panels couldn’t be simpler – just slot them in from the top of two posts and you’re done. Depending on the depth of your fence panels and the grooves in your fence posts, there will be space for movement. You can purchase clips to keep the fence panels in place to prevent any rattling or wear over time from this  movement, but this is down to your own individual preference. At Berkshire Fencing, we provide both wooden and concrete fence posts that will perfectly hold your fence panels over time, meaning whichever you choose will ensure a high-quality finish. If you are thinking of building a fence with concrete posts, bear in mind that they will be heavier to work with, so we recommend taking advantage of our installation service.

Buy the Materials to Build a Fence with Concrete Posts Today

Building your own fence with concrete posts is easy when you have the right materials available for the job. Fortunately, that’s where we’ve got everything you need to ensure your fence project goes to plan and is not lacking in quality. You’ll find only high-quality materials throughout our range of fencing products. Remember, if you order today through Berkshire Fencing, we can deliver the materials you need for free to certain delivery areas depending on your total order value.

Our help doesn’t stop there of course, as we can help you with installation if you require. All you have to do is follow the link and fill in a few short details and we’ll be more than happy to provide professional help to build your fence with concrete posts. Although it’s always a great moment to carry out a build yourself to completion, sometimes a professional approach is needed, and this will guarantee your fence with concrete posts is installed correctly and will stand the test of time. If you have any queries at all about our extensive range of Fence Supplies and Garden Supplies, or need further assistance with creating your own fence with concrete posts design, please get in touch.


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