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Fence Capping

Close board fencing is the most traditional type of fencing and is probably the most common fence you envisage.

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It is comprised of wooden board overlapped against each other. This makes it extremely strong and durable against both the elements and intruders. However, like with all wood fencing, without adequate care and protection, there is the potential that damp and rot can get to it – destroying its structural integrity and rendering your new fencing useless! There are certain steps you can take to protect your fencing, such as installing garden fence capping atop your close board fencing. Read on for more about the benefits of capped board on board fence, how to choose the right fence capping for you, how to install close board fence capping, and why to choose Berkshire Fencing for all your fence capping needs!

Choosing Close Board Fencing Capping

When choosing your fence capping, you can choose between a few designs. The close board fence capping options are for style, but also for protection of your new fence. When browsing our range of high-quality fence capping, you will see we supply a few designs, including counter rail close board fence capping, and standard pentagon shaped fence capping. Counter rail fence capping is flat and provides a straight edge top to your fence. It essentially sits atop your fence, and gives it a cohesive look, but also helps protect it from the elements. Our pentagon shaped garden fence capping gives a decorative touch to the top of your fence, but also helps protect it an extra layer from the elements. Because it is pentagon shaped, the water simply runs off the top of it, down the fence, rather than sitting atop it, and seeping into the wood. This helps protect your new fence. Fences should last years – don’t shorten its lifespan but inadequately looking after your fence, or by missing the tiny step of adding close board fencing capping onto your fence!

Why Choose to Install Garden Fence Capping

Choosing to install close board fence capping is a great way to secure your investment. Close board fencing capping is generally used by fence fitters n order to secure the fence, keep all the boards together, and make sure the fence remains upright, secure and that all the boards are stabilised together. Aside from this, it also ensures the fence lasts for a long time, as it stops wate retention in the wood, and lets it run off – keeping your fence dry. So, while installing capped board on board fence might seem like it’s an unnecessary expense, it’s actually a very easy, cheap way of ensuring your fence is stable, and remains safe and dry – increasing its longevity and lifespan.

The Quality of Berkshire Fencing Fence Capping

When you buy fencing supplies from Berkshire Fencing, you can feel assured they are of the highest quality, and will last you for years to come. This is because we only source the best quality timber supplies and fence capping from specialist manufacturers. These manufacturers only supply to select retailers, so your fence supplies are high quality, and unique. Otherwise, our expert, in-house carpenters and woodworkers create our bespoke wooden fence supplies, customised to your exact requirements and dimensions. Whether you’re buying close board fence capping, or a whole new fence, with Berkshire Fencing, you know you’re getting a high-quality, well crafted product.

Installing Your Capped Board on Board Fence

If you’re confident you can install garden fence capping yourself, that’s absolutely fine. You can just request we supply your fence capping, and you can install it yourself. However, there are many reasons you may not feel confident doing this yourself. And sometimes we do recommend have a professional install your new fence and fence capping, especially if it’s something you’ve never done before. This is because installing capped board on board fence can be difficult to get straight, and it needs to be accurate to help the structural integrity of the fence. If you’d like your close board fencing capping installed by a professional, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our team is comprised of expert carpenters and fence fitters, and will be happy to help advise you, and install your fence for you. Simply use our installation quotation tool to find a quote for your fencing project, should it be just supply or supply and installation! Our fence fitters are extremely professional and friendly at all times, and will answer any questions you may have, all while ensuring your fence is fitted in a timely manner, with minimal disruption to your property or business! Our fence Installation service includes fitting and repairs of Agricultural, Closeboard fencingPicket FencingCleft ChestnutChainlink and Post and Rail Fencing, also Trellis and LatticeLap panellingDecorative (or Continental Fence Panelling, as they are sometimes known) and many other fence types – just get in touch if you want to know something specific!

We cover all of the local area to Berkshire. This includes locations such as Hampshire, Berkshire, Newbury, Thatcham, Reading, Andover and Basingstoke. However, if you want us to supply and install your new fence and you don’t see your area, don’t panic! we always want to go above and beyond for our customers, so more likely than not will travel to your location. Simply get in contact with us and we can advise you further!

Need Any Help with Fence Capping?

We understand that picking the ideal close board fence capping can be a tricky job. That’s why our team are always here to help. We are extremely knowledgeable about all things fencing, and our friendly team are happy to answer any of your questions or queries. Want to get in touch? It’s easy. Simply send us a message here, or drop us an email or call! We would love to hear from you![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]