Counter Rail 3.60m-50mm W x 38mm H


Amazing deals on our Counter Rail 3.60m-50mm W x 38mm H in Green (Light) at Berkshire Fencing.

  1. Let us know if you would like us to come and install your Counter Rail
  2. Available in an Amazing UC4 Pressure Treated finish to keep them protected
  3. Our Counter Rails are Machined from the strongest Timber parts and will last for a long time
  4. Other sizes are available in this range

Fence Capping are a great addition to any garden or outdoor space. Whether used for privacy or to achieve the perfect look.

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Buy cheap Counter Rail 3.60m-50mm W x 38mm H Green (Light) at Berkshire Fencing.A very attractive and appealing product.To get an Installation Quote for Counter Rails please click this link.Our recommendations.Order Our Charming Counter Rail 3.60m-50mm W x 38mm H at a great price At Berkshire Fencing.Our Designer Counter Rail from our Closeboard Fencing range is highly attractive and made to last.We aim to supply our customers with the highest quality Counter Rails on the market. Our Counter Rail 3.60m-50mm W x 38mm H is one of the most popular Fence Capping from our extensive fencing range. Robustly constructed from Timber components with a heavy duty Amazing finish. It’s built to last and stand the test of time.Extra information.The inexpensive Fence Capping we supply are fairly easy to install. But if you need any assistance during the installation process one of our experts is awaiting for your call..Counter Rail 3.60m-50mm W x 38mm H in Green (Light) – Built in Timber for our Closeboard Fencing range. For Amazing Fence Supplies & Fencing Prices in Maidenhead/Thatcham or Cockpole Green, Call us today at Berkshire Fencing.

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