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Fast Delivery | Great Prices | Quality Guaranteed

Gate Accessories

Shop the range of gate accessories online at Berkshire Fencing. We have all the hardware you could need to keep your garden gate secure and in great condition. The collection of gate parts and accessories includes high quality hinges and a choice of different closures, so your garden gate will not only look fantastic but function perfectly too. And after all, there isn’t much point in a gate that doesn’t work exactly as it should, which is why we’ve made it so easy to use our garden gate accessories to create the perfect gate.

Whether you’re building a new gate from scratch, or simply want to replace old gate accessories that are weathered and not performing as well as they used to, you’ve come to the right place. Here we have all the gate parts and accessories you’ll need for a beautiful and functional gate. Browse the full range of fence gate accessories online now.

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Getting Started with Garden Gate Accessories

Our gate parts and accessories aren’t just great looking, they serve a really important function in your gate too. Firstly, your gate needs to be able to open and close so that you can get in and out of your garden. For this, we recommend Tee hinges to secure the gate itself to the post. Our metal Tee hinges are strong and sturdy gate accessories that will withstand many years of heavy use in all weather conditions. In order to secure your Tee hinges in place, all you need is a drill and nine outdoor wood screws – we recommend choosing the longest ones possible that will create a really robust connection between the hinges, gate and post.

The number of hinges you’ll need will depend on the height of your fence. For half gates, one at the top and one at the bottom will be all you need. For full gates, we recommend a third in the centre for extra stability. As with all our fence gate accessories, our Tee hinges can be painted with an exterior metal spray paint in order to match with the look you’re going for. Just be careful to use light coats and not get any paint build up around the moving parts, as this could affect the performance of these garden gate accessories.

Locking Gate Parts and Accessories

Next up, it’s essential to be able to keep your gate closed when it should be, and we have the perfect gate accessories for that. We have a great choice of closures including decorative gate latches, fence pad bolt locks which can be secured with a padlock, and key locks which have a locking mechanism built in. When you’re deciding which of these garden gate accessories you want, consider the level of security you want to have versus ease of coming in and out of the gate.

In general, we recommend gate latches for use during the daytime when you want to be able to easily open the gate, with this fixed at a comfortable level, and then adding more secure fence gate accessories for when you want to lock the gate. We also recommend having sturdy gate parts and accessories at the top and the bottom of your gate, especially if it is at the end of a wind tunnel, as this will help reinforce your gate in strong weather conditions such as storms.

Shop Fence Gate Accessories at Berkshire Fencing

Here at Berkshire Fencing, we know that a beautiful gate is the first port of entry into your home. Making sure that your gate not only looks fantastic alongside the fencing and looks inviting but also performs as it should can really increase the curb appeal of your home. Garden gate accessories may not be the most obvious aspect of your gate, but they are certainly an essential component that you need to consider.

The range of gate accessories we’ve brought together here will help ensure that you get the look and effect you’re going for, and that your fantastic new fence will look just as good years down the line. Once you’ve used these gate accessories to install a welcoming entry into your garden, we’ve got a range of fantastic items to help your outdoor space look its very best. This includes everything from timber decking and arches and pergolas to seating and tables and those perfect finishing touches.

We also provide a professional fence installation service which will have your new fence and gate erected to the highest standards using these high quality gate accessories in no time at all. We can also deliver the items to your home for you to install them yourself. If you have any questions about the gate parts and accessories available here, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll be happy to assist you.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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