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Trellis Fence

A wooden trellis fence is an amazing way to portion or section off an element of your garden and is a great way to provide a border around your property, and back or front garden.

While a wooden trellis might not be the fence you automatically think of when considering your new fencing options, a fence top trellis is actually a great way of creating some privacy for your property, while retaining all of the natural light and views that may surround your garden. Because there is partial view through trellis panels, the sunshine won’t be blocked out, making it the perfect fence for those sun trap areas! Because fence top trellis panels have the partial view, they also make a great option for creating sectioned off areas within a garden for a dog, or for children to play. You can still see them, and they can see you while playing – without the risk of them being in danger. Wooden trellis panels are so versatile, and because Berkshire Fencing supplies trellis panels in such a wide variety of shapes and sizes, you can create your perfect, bespoke fencing solution.

Berkshire Fencing only stocks trellis fence of the highest quality, either sourced by our buyer from manufacturers who create the best quality fencing solutions or are created bespoke by our in-house expert carpenters. Because of the multiple ways we source and create our fence and trellis panels, our fencing range affords almost all possible size combinations, and are available in multiple shapes. including curved, omega, flat top, concave/convex, and arched. We stock many different styles and colours to suit your needs – but if you’re after something in particular, just get in contact, and our team will make it happen!

Trellis Fence Panels for Privacy

While you may not immediately consider trellis fence panels for privacy reasons, they’re actually a great privacy solution for your property or garden. When you look through wooden trellis panels, there’s a decreased visibility. And while it may not block out visibility completely, it allows for slight visibility both ways. Essentially, if an intruder approaches, you can see them too! In addition to this, our fence top trellis panels don’t block out precious light, so your garden remains sunny and warm, and you retain any views you may have around your property – all while retaining your precious privacy.

Wooden Trellis for Security

Wooden trellis fencing can actually be a great method of securing your property. This is because you can incorporate plants onto wooden trellis panels, which can put off intruders, and make access to your property much harder. You can incorporate spiky plants that a burglar or intruder would not attempt to scale for maximum security. And due to the slight visibility, you can see anyone who may be looking into your garden to try and inspect your property. fence top trellis on top of your fence can also add height to the fence, making it less appealing for people looking to scale a fence to enter a property. So, while traditional closeboard fencing can perhaps be extra protective, there are definitely good arguments for utilising trellis fence panels for privacy and security.

Installing Your Fence Top Trellis

If you can install your new trellis fence alone, that’s no problem. When looking for a quote, simply select the supply only option, which means we will simply create your bespoke trellis panels and ship them to you. From here, you can install your own wooden trellis fence. However, if you are not confident to do so, we also have a dedicated team of fence top trellis installers, who can install your new trellis fence quickly, with the minimum of disruption to your day. Whether it’s a commercial or residential property, our fence fitters are professional, friendly and courteous at all times. When you choose to have your trellis fence panels installed by the professionals, you can feel sure that it will last the test of time. Because your trellis fence will be installed safely and securely, adverse weather will be no problem for your new fence. Additionally, because our fence fitters have installed new fences for thousands of happy customers, your fence will be fitted in no time at all. So, if you have an urgent need for a new wooden trellis fence, get in touch with our team! Our fence Installation service includes fitting and repairs of Agricultural, Closeboard fencingPicket FencingCleft ChestnutChainlink and Post and Rail Fencing, also Trellis and LatticeLap panellingDecorative or Continental Fence Panelling as they are sometimes known and many other fence types.

Berkshire Fencing Can Help You

We understand choosing your new trellis fence can be confusing; what’s the best height of trellis panels for you? How will the fence look? Can it fit bespoke to your measurements? Should you have any questions about any of our services, our team will be more than happy to assist you in any way we can. Berkshire Fencing’s team is made up of expert fence fitters, wood workers, carpenters, and people who have experience with all kinds of fencing, so you can feel reassured that whatever your question is, we will have the answer. Simply get in contact via our live chat service or drop us a message. Alternatively, you can always call or email us.

Where Do You Deliver & Install Fence Trellis?

Berkshire Fencing covers many areas in the UK – not just Berkshire! We want the very best fencing solutions for our clients, so more often than not will travel to meet their needs. The local areas we cover include Hampshire, Berkshire, Newbury, Thatcham, Reading, Andover and Basingstoke. But we are happy to accommodate customers further afield, too. So, if you don’t see your area listed, feel free to get in touch, and let Berkshire Fencing create gorgeous, bespoke solutions for you!